The hidden master

Barsapine aftermath

After a few bloody moments dealing with the Hetetek and his pets, you have quickly found yourselves singled out for your bravery and inducted into the Inquisition. Just as quickly, you have been rerouted and sent on your way to Scintilla, the capital of the Calixis Scetor

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the spacestation start

On space station Barsapine Station-A, the future acolytes are all passing through the docking terminal when a commotion erupts. Ezekiel, accompanied by some enforcers, is striding through the crowds with his inquisitorial seal held high in his right hand. The crowd scatters before him, though many stay close enough to see what is happening. He is heading towards where a purser and two men in black robes are arguing next a hover-cart loaded with several large crates. One is an older man, doing most of the talking, with the slightly scattered look of a scholar. The other one looks like a very fit younger man, with some noticeable bulges under his robes.
When the men in black robes turn towards the commotion around the inquisitor, Ezekiel bellows out “Johannas Borgen and Marcus Falbian, you stand accused of heresy against the Emperor of Mankind and trafficking in Xenos biologicals and technology. Surrender in the name of the Inquisition and the power bestowed in me by the Immortal Emperor of mankind.”
The older man screams about his pets, and darts around the side of the cart to fiddle with the crates, while the younger dives behind a pillar and pulls out an autogun from beneath his robes. Before either side can open fire though, the old man opens the first crate, screaming “Attack the Corpse’s Rats, my pretties”. A mass of fang and claw leaps out, tearing the unlucky purser to shreds before heading on to the next victim. roll initiative.


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