Octia Regium

the adept


Age 24, she is fit and tan, despite working on a traditionally indoor career. Of average female height of about 5’8", she has brown hair and eyes. Despite this apparent average look, she has several things that cause her to stand out from the average Imperial citizen. She has a devotional scar of an bird, representing the Imperial Eagle on her right cheek. She is dressed in many ways closer to a guardsman than an Administratum adept, wearing boots, pants, and a flack vest. Her hair is in a pony tail that comes out from beneath a gaudy gold-colored bandanna she wears. Around he waist are several pouches containing the tools of the Adepts trade. Carried with a strap across her back is a massive ax, big enough to require two hands to use. To those with the knowledge, the ax is clearly of Ork manufacture, with minimal modifications to allow it to be used by humans. Despite its xenos origins, it has been affixed with purity seals and Imperial Iconography, giving it an air of acceptability.


Example Bio:
Background: Imperial World (Feudal)
Class: Adept
Her divination is “Be a boon to your brothers and a Bane to your Enemies”

Eventually expand it to:
As the child of imperial servants, Octia was taken into the administratum from her birth-place on the Feudal world of Balecaster as a teen and transfered to Cantus. Despite her low-tech heritage, and her refusal to change several of her more “barbaric” traditions, she has adopted several forms of technology to perform her duties better. It was because of this flexibility that she attracted Inquisitor Mace’s notice and was soon taken into the Inquisitor’s service and trained as a valet, in addition to her scribe duties.
Mother is Brutilla, a Guards(wo)man from the feudal world of Balecaster. Her father is Castrius, a Cleric origionally from the agri-world of Mosul. She is an only child. Her Flack Vest and Ork Ax are gifts from her mother,in the tradition of Balecaster. She wears her bandanna in honor of her father.
Her divination is “Be a boon to your brothers and a Bane to your Enemies”

The adept assigned to the group, so that someone will file the after-action reports. Also the contact with Inquisitor, as she has the data-slate to translate Ezekiel Mace’s instructions.

Octia Regium

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